The Numbers Game – How to Use Your Age to Your Advantage

Adults: 40 – 60

Reality contradicts research when it comes to improving as a veteran. A climber in his 40s or 50s should be undeterred. If you are psyched to send a boulder project, go for it. However, the need for smart training is paramount—one mistake and you could be out of the game for a while. Many in this age category find that their susceptibility to injury is higher if they train strength, hence they migrate to longer routes and endurance training. At this age and beyond, concentrate on getting every last drop of potential out of your technique and tactical game. Be aware of the routes or problems that are likely to cause injury—let the young pretenders hurl body-length dynos. A final note is that weight control becomes increasingly challenging—eat carefully and keep up the cardio sessions.


The Numbers Game – How to Use Your Age to Your Advantage

Autor: siwa

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